Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving pains

After what seemed like an interminable wait, we are finally moving into the new house. Got the keys just over a week ago but P and I have completely different work schedules so are pretty much moving things on our own. A great example....I woke up to the chickens scratching around in the pasture. When I went to sleep, they were still at the old place. So in the dead of night after work P managed to load the coop (with the chickens still inside) on the trailer and drive the 5 miles to the new house.  Then, in the dark early morning hours he unloaded it and got it ready for morning. Apparently the hens came out of the coop first and were happily scratching. The rooster came out and did a double take, realizing that this was a far cry from the small dirt enclosure they had been living in, and quickly herded all the hens back to the coop. I wish I'd been there to see it, but after only getting 5 hours of sleep for the 3 previous nights it is probably best that I didn't.

P also handled getting the goats to the new place on his own, while handling three children at the same time. The goats finally have a real barn. They are a little confused and still trying to get into a routine. But they seem happy to have lots of pasture to be ranging in. And I sure love having a huge barn to do the milking in!

Homeownership comes with a lot of work. So far P has been chasing down a leak in the Mother-In-Law apartment. Going to require lots of new pipe and drywall. He figured out why there was no water pressure in the kitchen sink - not a leaky pipe as the inspector thought, but merely a bad part in the faucet. So a call to the manufacturer showed that it has a lifetime warranty so for the price of shipping we got the new part and, once again, while I was sleeping last night P fixed it.

Do you get the idea that P is doing a ton of work? Makes me feel slightly inadequate as I have had work functions several nights this week and haven't had the chance to do as much as I'd like. I did put up blinds in one room. And put together the beds. And put stuff away in the house. So I guess we are just doing different tasks. He has way more knowledge of electrical and plumbing than I do, plus the brawn to manhandle chicken coops. I, on the other hand, am a great organizer. It drives me crazy to  have a house in complete dissarray so I am working towards emptying boxes.

Overall, things have gone smoothly. P and I haven't been at each others throats (though that could just be because we haven't actually seen each other much). Last night I packed up some stuff from the freezer that we could have for dinner. Independently of me, P did the same thing. And chose the same things that I did. No wonder we aren't at each other't throats. It would be like fighting with oneself!