Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great way to start the day

The sunrises from our land are amazing. To the east I can see the tops of the Cascade Mountains peeking over the hills. And when conditions are right, we get sunrises like this one:

Being able to stand outside in the freezing cold 27 degree morning with a view like this is something I always dreamed of. MY barn. MY land. MY sunrise.

What a beautiful start to the day.

But alas, I am brought back to reality. The septic system seems to be backing up. Stinky sewage is bubbling up near the tank. Today is the day the septic guy comes out to tell us what needs to be done and how much it will cost. The tank was pumped and the system inspected when I before the house in August. It all checked out so I went ahead with the purchase. But that was during the dry season. All is not well now. I had been hoping to have enough $ to put in a wood or gas burning fireplace insert, but really it is cosmetic, whereas a functioning septic system is NOT cosmetic and has to be addressed now.

Later on, when I am feeling overwhelmed by the price and scope of the septic repair, I am going to remember this morning....